When the OEM wheel just isn’t good enough, we can supply you with 18" to 24” wheels for that lowered SUV or lifted diesel truck. Whether you are into chrome, stainless, or a sexy matte black, we can get you a wheel with the look you want for your vehicle.

Lift Kits

Lift Kits are a necessity to raise a vehicle for heavy off road use. A suspension lift enables steeper approach, departure, and breakover angles, higher ground clearance, and helps accommodate larger wheels and tires. Make sure you come into Westlock Motors to find out how we can get your off-road vehicle ready for our Alberta Rocky Mountains.


Mudflaps are used to protect the vehicle, passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians from mud and other flying debris thrown into the air by the rotating tire. We offer several different options for mudflaps.


Flares are an extension of the fender that provides additional coverage for heavily offset or over-sized wheels and tires. They also help retain resale value by deflecting rocks and debris away from the vehicle’s body. By installing Fender Flares you are protecting your investment as well as adhering to tire coverage laws.


A different grille not only changes the appearance of the front of the vehicle, but offers protection as well. Keep insects and other debris out of the radiator and cooling systems, and preserve those vital parts of your vehicle.


Stock vehicle lighting does the trick for most people, but lets face it, it can be a lot better. With either changing the lens assembly to disperse the light differently, or changing the bulb to a HID kit to allow for brighter illumination, there are options to see both on and off the road better than ever.

Running Boards

Running Boards are a great accessory to help you get up into your truck. They can also add some body styling to your ride, as they are available by many different designs and styles.

At Westlock Motors, we provide a variety of accessories to customize as well as protect your vehicle. Our list includes Wheels, Flaps, Flares, Grilles, Lifts, Tires, Floor Mats, lights, Seat Covers, Box Covers and Running Boards.
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