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What's My Car's Trade-in Value?

By definition, an automobile's trade-in value is the estimated financial value that a car owner can derive from selling their vehicle. Typically, the trade-in value defines an automobile's sale price together with additional benefits that are negotiable. In addition to the monetary value, such negotiable benefits include complimentary service and lending rates when purchasing a new car. Furthermore, the benefits comprise negotiating advantages that will provide one with better avenues to achieve their goals, like extended warranties and long-term loans.

How Much My Car is Worth?

The first step necessary in estimating the worth of any vehicle is by researching its market value. Research on the model, make, and year of the car to find out its value. You can visit value websites such as the Canadian Black Book to establish the worth of your vehicle. It is essential to know that most online value websites might lack or have insufficient data on obscure or ancient vehicle models. After researching the vehicle, you must compare its mileage and age because it affects the trade-in value. On average, most vehicles have a yearly highway or city mileage in the ranges of 18,000 and 22,000 kilometres. Other factors that might affect your car's trade-in value include its actual condition that relies on a thorough physical examination by an authorized dealer. It would be best to service the automobile and clean it before a check to avoid dealers using these avenues for negotiating the trade-in value. Additionally, you can use maintenance records to show that the vehicle is in excellent condition to avoid lower trade-in values. You can research online for organizations that provide thorough and specific car evaluations before receiving an inspection from a dealership.

How do Car Dealers determine Trade-in Value?

Most car owners to trade their vehicle use online resources and organization that focus on assessing and determining the trade-in value. Such tools are standard and readily accessible with car dealers and thus do not provide you with an advantage. Therefore, it essential to understand that car dealers' goals and options are individual and vary greatly. For instance, a dealership might decide to purchase your vehicle reasonably to make a substantial profit margin. For such a scenario, the dealer will decide to buy your automobile at a wholesaler price and sell it at the current retail price to gain the maximum proceeds. Additionally, popularity plays an indispensable role in your car's trade-in value since it dictates how fast the dealer can sell it. Furthermore, having a unique vehicle that the dealer might not have in their showroom increases their excitement and trade-in value.

When Do I Trade My Car in to Get the Best Value?

All car owners should understand that with time, a vehicle's trade-in and general monetary value depreciates. Two of the most crucial factors that accelerate an automobile's depreciation consists the increasing mileage and detrimental effects of damage.
Henceforth, some experienced dealers recommend car owners trade their cars when their mileage is below the 110,0000-kilometre mark to enjoy the maximum trade-in value. However, other dealers believe that an automobile's service and maintenance offer car owners an upper hand rather than the mileage to maximize the trade-in value. When it comes to seasons, car dealers and experts recommend that you sell your automobile to dealerships during the end of the winter season. Most experts argue that late winter provides one with an upper hand in negotiating the trade-in value, and it is the season that dealerships aim to free their current inventory before the entry of new ones. New automobile models are available in the summer and spring, making it imperative for dealers to sell vehicles in their catalogue with generous discounts. Therefore, when dealing with showrooms, select late winter to purchase new models that are slightly older and trade-in your car.

Here at Westlock Motors, we focus on various popular vehicles. We understand the essence of preparing a trade-in guide for our customers. We welcome and invite you to explore the purchase and trade-in options we offer at our dealership. You can find the right GM vehicle that matches your budget and preferences by visiting our website or dealership's finance centre. For more information concerning used and new cars in our inventory, contact us today!